Success with Oxy-Powder

Having gone through one bottle of Oxy-Powder and just starting the second, I can unequivocally state that my chronic fatigue, acne-prone skin (at 40!), and general malaise was due to chronic constipation. I no longer suffer from any of these diseases and cannot believe the difference in my skin and energy level. Had I not stumbled onto your product I'm not sure I would have ever made the connection between a clean colon and good health. I recently saw a link to your website on -- so the word is getting out! Good job! Thank you for a wonderful product, I plan to use it the rest of my life and my dad is now using Oxy-Powder too! - Theresa J., Indianapolis, Indiana

I want to thank Global Healing Center for coming out with a product that I can't stop talking about! Over the years I have tried different products to relieve constipation and all were very uncomfortable to say the least. The taste was usually horrible and the cramping was unbearable. One day I decided to investigate how I could resolve my on going problem and came across your website. I read about the need to clease the colon and decided to give Oxy-Powder a try. I ordered the Oxy-Powder and I did the initial cleanse and was amazed at how pleasant of an experience it was. I'm sure some people might say that there is no way a cleansing product can be pleasant, but it was! Yes, I did need to have access to the restroom, but the fact that I only had to take several capsules instead of drinking some nasty tasting concoction was a nice change. The best part was I had absolutely no cramping and slept like a baby every night. I don't know if anyone has ever mentioned sleeping better while taking Oxy-Powder but I definitely noticed a difference. Thank you for such an awsome product and I hope that you are able to use this as a testimony on your site. I would feel like I am contributing to humanity in some small way if people really got what a great product Oxy-Powder is. Its important to let people know that disease begins in the colon therefore we should use a product like Oxy-Powder to keep it healthy. Who knows it could possibly save someones life! May God continue to bless all you do! - S. Kelley, Palm Harbor, FL

I started using Oxy-Powder after reading about it on curezone. I have had constipation and digestive problems my entire life (I am 35). I have taken herbs that helped, but they did not get to the root of the problem. So I started taking Oxypowder, 10 each night before bed, and added milled flaxseed to my meals for extra fiber. It immediately relieved my constipation. After about 7 days I decided to try my super green food supplement. Unlike in the past when I was unable to absorb the nutrients. This time I could really feel my small intestines absorbing the green food supplement. It was awesome. So my husband decided to try it. He has had IBS for years. After the first 3 days of cleansing, he has no gas or bloating whatsoever. I have encouraged many friends to try this stuff. It is great, it gets to the real problem rather than the usual laxative. Also, I did try another brand before I bought Oxypowder. It was nowhere near as good of a product. Brand matters. - Katie R., Indianapolis, Indiana

I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and I've suffered from gas, bloating and constipation from it since I was a small child. For all these years, I've tried everything from herbal laxative teas, to harsh stimulants and laxatives. At first, they would work, but your body gets used to them and they no longer have any affect. The doctor would just tell me to eat more fiber, which didn't work. I even would drink 8 ounce glasses of water daily - no change. Recently, I came across an ad online for Oxy-Powder which read "Poop It All Out" and I was curious - after all, it's a catchy phrase! I read the ingredients, I researched what they are and what effect they have and roles they play for the body. I decided it was a good idea to at least try another cleanser, so I ordered a bottle. I took 10 pills at bedtime, just like the directions suggest, and by the very next day, I was having bowel movements! I was so excited!! I remembered how the other cleansers stopped working after a few days, so I continued to take Oxy-Powder for the next week.

Let me tell you, that catch phrase for the Oxy-Powder ad was TRUE! Not only was I "going," but I literally was "pooping it all out!" It was completely cleansing my intestinal tract of all the compacted fecal matter that had built up in my system after so many years, as shown on x-rays. I actually had energy again! With being so constipated, going at most, twice a week, I was very lethargic and drained of life. I realized that reason for that was all the toxins staying in my body from not being able to have a normal bowel movement. I am so happy with Oxy-Powder! It has literally changed my life! It's given my incentive to take better care of my body and I actually have the energy, without caffeine, to exercise! I was planning on going to the doctor to be prescribed one of those new medications to treat IBS - now, there's no need for harsh chemicals! I'm going to take this for the rest of my life. Finally, I've found something that actually WORKS! I recommend everyone to try this - your search for a wonder drug will end here! - Jenna Ferguson, Lincoln, Nebraska

I have been taking Oxy-Powder since early February 2004 and I think it is an amazing product. I feel great and love the results. In fact I have turned my friends, sister and husband onto the product and they are very impressed as well. I stated taking the oxy-powder a month before my wedding for a couple of reasons. I wanted to make sure that my stomach aches disappeared and second to make sure I was as trim as I could be for the day. I cannot tell you just how well it worked. My stomach has never every felt better. I used to get stomach aches all the time, now I very rarely ever do. In fact I cannot remember the last time. Second I have never looked better in my whole life. My husband who started to take it as well about 3 weeks before the wedding has rid himself of his stomach ailments, which if you can imagine I am quite happy about. We are both so thrilled with the product. You cannot even imagine. In fact he is a physical therapist and opened a PT and chiropractic clinic with his best friend and they are going to recommend the Oxy-Powder to their friends and patients for overall health and well being. Thank you again! - Dana K., Chicago, Illinois

I am totally pleased with Oxy-Powder. It has helped me clean out my system in addition to losing a few pounds that I am thankful for. It is the most gentle product I have ever used. I have recommended your product to my online group that I belong to which has over 20,000 users. I am sure you have seen an increase in product sales. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful product with us. Take Care. - Jovita I., Waldorf, Maryland

I have had IBS since I was around 8 years old. I have tried everything. I am 32 years old, and I finally have relief. No more pain, bloating, my headaches are gone, my skin is completely cleared up. I feel so much better. I did the 7 day cleanse, I weighed 114 pounds, now I weigh 110 pounds, which is perfect for me. I have been on the maintenance dosage of 5 pills every other night, but that is too much for me, tomorrow I will try 2 pills every other night, I am sure that will be fine. This product is great! Thank You! I will use it forever! - Gina D., Campbell, CA

I found Oxy-Powder online after weeks of deliberating about Colon cleansing. I had tried laxatives and they would give me uncomfortable Cramping every time no matter how little I took. I asked around and it seems Everyone recommends the fiber/laxative approach, but I knew it wasn't right for me. Thinking there must be something out there for my situation, like I said I found this website. The differences between Oxy-Powder and other methods sounded amazing, and I was drawn to order, even though I had never ordered any health product online before. I had been recently struck with constipation, and was at the desperate point when the bottle came. I was soo relieved to finally expel something!! I'm only 21 and was amazed at how much came out of me! Over the cleansing period I had bouts of energy and lightness that were odd to say the least, I also had periods of no-energy and faintness, due to the detoxification. I am quite thin and was wondering how much weight I would lose, but when I thought about it, it's really the worst kind of weight you could have, worse than fat, so why would I want to keep it? Overall I am an Oxy-Powder supporter now, mainly because it's very reliable, efficient, there's minimal cramping if any, and the proof is in what you see release from your own body! Luke from Forest, Illinois

About 5 years ago, out of the blue, I began suffering from severe constipation. I was only having a bowel movement 2 or 3 times a month. I tried a number of different remedies with no success and, frustrated, finally gave up. Recently, I stumbled across your website, and after speaking with my doctor, decided I would try Oxy-Powder. After only 4 days on the initial cleansing cycle, the bloating I have been living with for years was gone. I also noticed I had more energy during the day. I am now taking the pills every other day for maintenance. I can't say enough good things - This product is amazing and I have already recommended to friends! - Amy D. , Boston, Massachusetts

It seemed to work quite well. I haven't finished the bottle yet. I started with the recommended dose of 10 pills for one week and took a week off resuming over the next weekend. The general feeling of being blocked has gradually eased. For your statistics, I am 40 years old, 5'9", 170lbs and fairly regular. But, over the years I have gradually felt like my digestive system has been building up. A combination of world travel and former diet are likely culprits. About two years ago, I changed my diet with regard to how I combine foods (carb/meats=bad, Carb/veg=good meat/veg=good). I weighed 185 at that time. Anyhow, that has worked on a general level and I have been feeling quite a bit more energetic as a result. If it takes another half bottle to get cleaned-out completely, it would cost less than one colonic irrigation session. I never quite got the courage up for one of those. - Joshua K., Palo Alto, California

I finished my first bottle of Oxy-Powder, and I must say, it has done everything it promises!! My acne prone skin has not broken out and my digestive system is functioning extremely well after months of constipation. I have more energy and I've lost 8 pounds!!!! Thanks Oxy-Powder!!!! - C. Carrillo, Brooklyn, NY

As a matter of fact Oxy-Powder has generated a major breakthrough in my health condition. I have been suffering from severe food allergies, fatigue, chronic constipation, stomach bloating and just generally poor functioning of my digestive system for many years. I have been diagnosed with Candida and other bad bacteria in my body but so far no conventional or homeopathic therapists have been able to fully address my problem. One of my major problems diagnosed was a very poor functioning of my large intestines which basically probably meant a constant overflow of toxic waste in my body. This meant for me inability to go through any prolong process of curing my Candida overgrowth. Taking any of the anti fungal agents like Nystatin, Caprylic acid etc... (which create in first stages even more toxins in the body) simply meant a complete collapse of my body to unrealistic sleeping hours and inability to function anywhere too far away from my bed and pillow. Thanks to Oxy-powder I have been able to dramatically rid myself of many toxins in my body and in a matter of few weeks of using Oxy-powder I have begun experiencing high energy level, clear thinking, less desire for sleep etc... for the first time in many years. Oxy-powder has truly assisted my condition whereas other substances I was using before such as: Psyllium, Bentonite, different herbal laxatives, water enemas etc... only merely addressed my problem. At this point, I have started again taking the anti fungal agents for killing the bad bacteria in my body (which I simply couldn't before), and thanks to Oxy-powder the effect of this strong substances is much lessened in my body. As I do still suffer from constipation while not taking Oxy-powder I do take various dosages of the pills each day. Thanks so much again. - Julia Schifter, Tel-Aviv, Israel

I chose to go the natural route for my colon cancer treatment. I used a lot of different modalities for my treatment including your colon cleanser. After the tumor was removed, I still experienced some bouts with constipation. The colon cleanser effectively returned my bowel movements to normal and I continue to use it every other day as recommended. I have remained cancer free for 3 years. - Dr. Loretta Lanphier, Houston, Texas

Oxy-Powder is everything these testimonials state and more. I am a 41 year "young" woman that has had years of bloating, gas, and moderate to severe constipation. Many times it was so bad I felt cranky, achy, and so tired. I knew I wasn't actually sick, but I was so tired of feeling this malaise that wouldn't go away. I couldn't eat without bloating, I only had bowel movements 1-2 times a week (if I was lucky), I was truly miserable; and yet with a full time job, a home to run, a husband and 2 teenagers, 1 dog, 2 cats, and a variety of meetings and clubs I have "NO" time for feeling poorly. This stuff is GREAT! I started on a friday and by Sunday the "clean-out" had begun. After one week I literally felt rejuvenated. Due to my schedule I often don't sleep well, but the first night I woke up only 1 time and fell right back to sleep. By the second night I slept through until 5:00 a.m. (my normal get up and go time) and I have slept completely through every night since. I even have an overall sense of not wanting to eat something that might not be good for me. This is something I wasn't expecting. It is truly a strange feeling to feel good like this, sleep so well, and feel your body telling you "Eat the good stuff." I don't know if others have noticed these benefits, but I love feeling this good. I am doing the maintenance as suggested, it is working beautifully and I have ordered a sufficient amount to continue on. This is a product that does what it says. For those of you who may read these and think they are made up, well I use to be one of you. My overall health, combined with the schedule I need to keep, drove me try anything, and I am so glad I found Oxy-Powder. Needless to say, I have recommended this site to family members who have suffered as I do. They can read for themselves and decide...but to help out I got them each a bottle for their first time use. Once they use it, they will want to order for themselves. Thank you again for your product. - Tracy Hansen, Goldendale, Washington

I have suffered from constipation for as long as I can remember. I have tried every laxative on the market, eaten more fibre, drink lots of water, etc... but nothing worked. Last year my doctor diagnosed IBS and gave me a prescription - again that didn't work. I then went for allergy testing and found I was allergic to yeast, corn, and citrus fruits. For a while eleminating these foods cured by constipation and bloatedness, but not for long. Then I came across an article about Oxy-Powder and figured I'd give it a try. I was so desperate at this time having tried everything else on the market. I have to say I have just finished my initial cleanse and feel 100% better. The difference is unbelievable. I am just about to start maintenance and have ordered three more Oxy-Powder. I feel its something that really works, you can actually feel it working all day. I will be using this for the rest of my life. At last I found a cure. Thank you! Thank you! You have given me back some control of my life. I can wear whatever clothes I want not just the ones that happen to fit me on my bloated days! - L. O'Reilly, Dublin, Ireland

While attending the ABEIM convention in Dallas, I purchased a bottle of Oxy-Powder and got several brochures. I really like the action of the cleanser and would like to start several of my patients on it. - Dr. Robert F. Moor, N.M.D, C.N.C Jefferson, Indiana

Just wanted to give you a little feedback on the Oxy-Powder, now that I've had time to try it. On my first try, I simply followed the directions on the bottle and took 10 capsules at once. Boy, talk about overdosing. I've never had trouble with constipation EVER. I bought Oxy-Powder because I was interested in its cleansing properties. The 10 capsules caused me to be in the bathroom for hours. Brother, if that's what it's like to drink the water in a third world country, I think I'll pass. :-) Anyway, I have done numerous colon cleanses in the past with products that are capable of getting rid of mucoid plaque that is stuck to the intestinal walls. It is black and comes out in pieces of varying lengths. Anyone can open up Bernard Jensen's book on intestinal detoxification and see pictures of this mucoid plaque after it has been passed out of the body. When I used the Oxy-Powder, what came out was also black in color. Normally, I have never witnessed a stool that was black in color. Brown, yes, but the only way to get black would be to eat a large amount of black jelly beans or something like that with dye in it. Therefore, it would seem that by simply utilizing the power of observation, I can conclude that your product is doing what it claims -- liquifying mucoid plaque.

In short, your product is astounding in that it works so well, and so quickly, without any required fasting. It runs circles around colonics and is so much more economically priced! I was very close to scheduling a colonic a few months ago. How glad I am that I waited! Can't wait to use up the whole bottle of Oxy-Powder and then see how I feel. (But at a lower dose than 10 capsules at once!) What a wonderful and effective product. (It should say "Industrial Strength on the label. ;-) My intestines and I thank you. - Sarah Baker

I have suffered with IBS for about three (3) years now. Prescription medicine did not work for me. So, I suffered. I ran across testimonials of Oxypowder on CureZone.Com and went to your website. It sounded like something that would benefit me, so I ordered a bottle. It has been five (5) days on ten (10) pills a night, and WOW...I can tell a tremendous difference! No more pain, or discomfort. I am really grateful to your company for making available such a great product. I will be a customer 'for life' in the maintance program! - J.J. Mills, Lumberton, North Carolina

Well, thus far I've been impressed with the results obtained while using OxyPowder. It's a mental adjustment for me, having been trained in the Dr. Christopher/Dr. Schulze school of fiber cleansing. I tested your product with sophisticated radionic equipment as well as kinesiology and found it to be alive with electrical energy which is becoming rare these days. - Rita Lambros-Segur, M.H., Sylvania, Ohio

I'm 37 and for the last several months I was experiencing painful cramps every morning, prior to my morning bathroom routine and I was only going once a day. I did not think it was normal for my digestive process to be painful every day, so I took the advice of a friend who said that I probably needed an intestinal cleanse. I did my research on intestinal cleansers and I came across Oxy-Powder and read everything about it and was convinced that it was the safest and most effective way to relieve my problem. I'll admit, after reading the instructions, I was nervous about ingesting something that was going to turn everything inside my intestinal tract into a liquid or gas within hours of my going to sleep (yikes!). But, I knew I had to do something, because I could not take the morning pain that I was experiencing anymore. I took some time off work and did the cleanse and I was extremely relieved (in mind and body) right from the first night. The experience was just as described in the instruction brochure and was more of a relief than something for me to get nervous about. The second day of the cleanse had me looking forward to it, because everything was moving in me again. I felt better and lost 3lbs and an inch off my waist by the time I was done. I'm already in great physical condition, so I didn't think I had any weight to lose in the first place! I'll continue on an occasional maintenence cleanse in the future. I just want to thank you for helping me with my problem and to let you know that I feel 100% better now and I'm glad that I used your product. I've already told others about what it did for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (and gut!). - Tom H., Chicago, IL

Oxy-Powder has been great. I feel invigorated after taking it. I had 1 bowel movement a day prior to taking it and only wanted to cleanse my intestines of any impaction there may have been. Well now, I can sometimes have two movements a day and this is weeks after I stopped taking the pills. I feel great and am able to run two miles every other day without feeling exhausted. My wife wasn't having daily bowel movements before she took the pills and now she has no problems. - Dennis Y., Richmond, Virginia

Oxy-Powder is one of the greatest things that I have discovered! I have just finished my first bottle and this product is amazing. I am so much more regular now, and the size of my waist and hips has gone down a bit too. My tummy is flatter than ever. I have gotten some of my friends to try Oxy-Powder and everyone just loves it. I would really recommend this to anyone! Thanks! - Amy L., Los Angeles, California

I was delighted to receive my second order of Oxypowder this morning - just in time before I ran out of my initial order. I am also pleased that you share the same concerns as me, such as theft in the post and speed of distribution. Without wanting to unfairly generalise, I have found the marketplace flooded with completely inneffective or unscientific healthcare products that consistently fail to tackle the root cause of digestive health problems. Oxypowder, along with Threelac (from Global Health Trax) is the only product I have found to help my condition. I really hope that you will soon get a distributor in the UK. This will speed up distribution to the customer and I am sure you will find the orders flood in from other poor souls suffering like me! More people should know about Oxypowder, especially doctors, here in the UK! - Peter Cook, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UK

My experience with Oxy-Powder was very positive. I used it during a 14 day fast while doing a few liver/gall bladder flushes and the results were EXACTLY as described. What's great about it is that it does not give you the feeling of having diarrhea. It feels like everything is working properly but the difference is that the plaque is now liquefied. I plan on buying more. You've done a great job with this product. - Paul G., 36, New York City, New York

Thank you for a wonderful product! After my initial cleansing period with Oxy-Powder, my insides feel clean and healthy for once in my life. It was incredible watching my abdomen look flatter and flatter as the first week of cleansing was undertaken. When I was finished, I noticed I had lost roughly 10 pounds and 2"-3" around my waist! I am truly amazed at how my abdomen looks and feels now. Prior to this cleansing I had suffered with a distended abdomen for most of my adult life. Not only was it very uncomfortable, but it looked very awkward having a "pudgy belly" when I am very physicially fit and have a very low body fat %. I could never quite understand why I couldn't get my abs nice and I know why! On top of that, I have suffered for years with a malfunctioning ileocecal valve; sometimes it was stuck open, sometimes closed. Since my cleansing, I have had NO problems what so ever with this valve...and the pain associated with it on my lower right quadrant of my abdomen is completely gone too. As a side note, my chiropractor is absolutely amazed with the results that this cleansing has done for me, so he ordered some for himself to test out and decide if he will use Oxy-Powder in his practice with his patients! I am very satisfied with the product and I will continue to use it and recommend others to your website as long as Oxy-Powder is around. Thank you and I commend you on a truly miraculous product. - S. Gorgone, Laguna Hills, CA

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for providing me with the knowledge about my health. I have been suffering for constipation for ten years, felt bloated and was having a bowel movement once every 4 or 5 days. After doing your colon cleanse my life has improved tremendously and I am now having daily bowel movements. - R. Jones, Austin, Texas

I wanted to thank GHC Health for creating Oxy-Powder; it has truly changed my body and my life. I have recently ordered another bottle of Oxy-Powder so that I can continue in the maintenance stage, and I see myself using this product for many many years to come. I first did the initial cleanse around the middle to end of June. After 3 days I already noticed a difference. The bloating that I felt in the abdominal area was gone, I felt cleaner, my skin was glowing, and my energy sky rocketed. Since using the Oxy-Powder my daily workouts have been more effective, and I look forward to them becuase my body is just so energized. I pop out of bed in the mornings, and trust me, I am not a morning person at all. I have to reiterate that my energy level is at a place it has never been before, even in my teen years. While weight loss is just a side benefit of using this product, it has helped me on my weight loss journey, and with a healthy diet and regular exercise, since using the Oxy-Powder I have lost 15lbs. I have lost 31 lbs overall! I will continue to use this product for maintenance and I have recommended it to many friends and family members. I have just had such a positive experience with Oxy-Powder that I want everyone I know to try it, so that they can feel as fabulously as I do. Thank you Dr. Group and GHC Health!! - A. Boah, Boston, MA

I am so happy with the results I am getting from Oxy-Powder. I have had a life-long history of constipation. After the contraction of Hepatitis C 25 years ago, my bowel function had decreased to the point that I could only go with an enema. The enemas even stopped working so I prayed to God and found a product that helped me for a number of years until someone had the bright idea to change the formula. The new formula didn't work and I again found myself in the same situation, looking for a solution. During the search, my health took a decided turn for the worse with the backup of toxins overwhelming my already sick liver. I had found some products similar to the one I was taking but was having trouble finding the right balance and began to experience hemorrhoids. So when I read the article on Oxy-Powder, it made a lot of sense. I've been on product for three months now and find that I am going to the bathroom with the colon peristaltic strength and action I use to experience when I was a young, healthy woman. I do find that because of my condition with Hepatitis C that I cannot stop taking the product, but now that things are humming along, I may not need to take the capsules for two days instead of the initial recommended every other day maintenance program. I was concerned that I had become dependent on the laxative and toning products I had taken for so many years and am so pleased to know that my bowels are functioning without any form of stimulant. Thank you so much for changing my life and giving me an opportunity to further my healing process with this excellent product. - A. R. Kaiser, Glendale, CA

Just can not tell you what a wonder Oxy-Powder has been for me. It seemed like every couple of days I had a constant urge to urinate all the time. It was frustrating and hard to sleep at night. Come to find out my intestinal track was literally laying on my uterus and compressing my fallopian tubes and also putting pressure on my bladder. Hence the constant feeling of having to urinate. I took Oxy-Powder as recommended and after a couple of days I felt like I used to in my twenties. So happy to have found the product. - Amy C., Cottonport, Louisiana

Oxy-Powder has completely changed my life. I know it sounds like an exaggeration, but I have been in so much pain with I.B.S. that my personality changed as well. I was no longer outgoing or fun to be with, I felt tired and uncomfortable all the time, and I passed out on a holiday I was in so much pain.

Then there were the laxatives which were no good at all. They made me feel worse and very de-hydrated, and my skin also looked terrible when I had taken any laxatives. Then, "joy oh joy", I came across Oxy-Powder on a web site. This was my last resort, and it was fantastic, brilliant, wonderful, and I have my life back again. It was not horrible like a laxative, and there was no discomfort or dehydration. I did not realize how much pain I was in until it was gone. I have ordered 3 tubs of Oxy-Powder and will be a life long user. Thank you. - Lisa England, Nottinghamshire, England, U.K.

Excellent product. I did the initial cleanse as directed. The maintenance dose I take is three pills every other day rather than 5 pills. I would definitely recommend this product. Thanks! - Barb J., Burbank, IL

I have to admit that the day before I started I was a little nervous, I didn't know what to expect. I can be a bit of a pack rat in everyday life so letting go of "stuff" I have had inside me for decades seemed a little unsettling. My need for detoxifying and starting the path to true vibrant health was greater than my fear so off I went. Let me tell you that by the 3rd day I began feeling incredible. Strong energy, a clearing complexion and weight started coming off. Most importantly however was this general sense of well being that deep inside i felt like my body was thanking me, I know that sounds wierd but it is hard to put into words. By the 7th day I felt like a new person inside and out. My energy has increased so much that everything I do I do it with more juice and gusto. I strongly recommend following a raw vegetable diet during the process initially. Its been over a month and it has without any concious effort on my part made me more aware of what I am feeding my body with. Forget about all the fad diets, getting yourself on the road to true health by cleansing with oxypowder the pounds will come off by themselves normalizing your weight, where you should be!!! - Paul S., Bellmore, NY

I've started using Oxy-Powder for the first time and the results I've achieved are/were remarkable. I can't
begin to tell you how much better I feel...who wouldn't with all that fecal matter being eliminated. I'll be passing my success story on to my sister who is also plagued with constipation. I'd recommend your product to anyone. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! - J.F., Houston, Texas

My experience with the caplets had been very good and I have subsequently recommended them to several of my friends. I am finding that the full dose is a little much for me and a maintenance dose of 2 or 3 caps per night seems to work well, instead of 5 every other night. I used the caps in conjunction with my first liver flush, last weekend, which proved to be very successful. I also purchased the Super-Phos 30 for this purpose. I intend to keep purchasing the Oxy-Powder caps and to recommend them to my friends. Bless you for your care and genuine concern for your customers. - Marion Odgers, Shelton, CT

After 10 days of colon cleansing, while eating a normal healthy diet (fruits, veggies, grains, fish and raw dairy), I passed a nest of about 100 large red healthy worms. The nest was the size of my hand. Since then (4 weeks ago) I feel 10 years younger energy wise, my eyes are bright, whiter and no longer sunken. Transient aches and pains I've had are gone. Headaches, gone. My appetite has increased and, best of all, I have greater patience with my children and am sleeping better. - Jennifer L., Williamsburg, VA

My experience was awesome. I'm totally sold on Oxy-Powder and plan to continue using it. I have been sharing information about Oxy-Powder to all my friends and clients. I'm a personal trainer and I have tried many different products in my quest to stay healthy naturally and this find has by far proven to be the best that I've tried. One of the best parts of the product for me is that i don't experience the cramping that other products cause. I have made copies of the literature sent with the product and have given it out because I'm truly impressed. Keep up the good work. - Yvette W., Capitol Heights, Maryland

I loved it! I have Crohn's Disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so I am very careful about what I eat and the supplements I take. Since I can't take psyllium, I thought I'd give this a try. Other than needing to be near a bathroom during those seven days, I had no real discomfort to speak of. The Oxy-Powder was far, far easier than the prep for a colonoscopy. I'm ordering another bottle. I sent my naturopath info about Oxy-Powder as a possible alternative for psyllium in treating CFS patients who also have systemic candida. - Christina, Arlington, Virginia

I wanted to write in to let you know that I have loved the results of Oxy-Powder! It has really helped me to have more regular BM's (even when not using it). It has helped change my life for the better. Before trying this product, I had gone to a Doctor, that pretty much told me that my stomach problems were my fault, and all in my head! I am happy to prove him wrong! Thank you so much! - Shoni Graves, San Diego, CA

Thanks so much for following up last Friday. When I got home today in my mailbox was the bottle you had sent over the weekend! I was so excited to find it as I had run out! Thanks so much. I applaud your great customer service and appreciate your concern regarding my order and my health! - S. Bronsky, Brewster, NY

I have been having problems with constipation for 2 years now. I've been back and forth to the doctor and they all recommended the same thing, more fiber, which never worked for me. I was also given a prescription for the new medicine for IBS w/constipation and it worked for a few days then caused me the worst cramps, so I stopped taking it. Prior to finding out about your Oxy-Powder, I was looking into having a colonic because I needed some immediate relief of this constipation. Well, boy am I glad that I ordered the Oxy-Powder instead! I just completed the 7 day cleanse and I only had to take 6 pills to get good results. Today I will be starting the every other day maintenance program. My body has never felt better, I no longer have gas and bloating, and I'm actually having daily bowel movements - something that hasn't happened in quite awhile. I've told others about this product, including my husband, who will be trying it soon. This is an amazing product that I don't want to be without! - Tasha Ramsey, Dolton, IL

My wife Beth and I both have been using Oxy Powder and LOVE IT!!! I had a kidney and pancreas transplant in 1996 and have over the years experienced a sensitivity to food bacteria which has caused irregular bowel movements and slower digestion. Since taking Oxy-Powder, I've noticed so much difference in the way I feel and react to food. Another side effect since my transplant surgeries has been facial acne. Since taking Oxy-Powder, I have noticed my skin is clearer. I am absolutely amazed at this product.

My wife Beth has had severe constipation problems for many, many years and often had a distended tummy. Since taking your product, her stomach is much flatter and she is also very pleased with how she feels and looks through taking your product. We have always been health conscience people and are really enjoying the benefits we are receiving from taking Oxy-Powder. We will continue taking your product for the rest of our lives. Thanks for such a wonderful product. - Dan & Beth Whitcomb, McDonough, GA

Thanks for the great product. As soon as I received the product I started it straight away. The product certainly did flush my system out. I didn't expect the product to work instantly, pretty much overnight. After the 7 day colon cleanse I feel refreshed and have a lot more energy. It could be a coincidence but I feel great. I certainly will be recommending this product to friends and family. - Emma Lau, Stockport, Cheshire, UK

I decided to use OxyPowder because I needed to clean my Colon quickly and painlessly. The only problem was I weighed over 300lbs! In the past other Name Brand Colon Cleansers that I bought from the Health Food Store, such as ParaGone and Super Cleanse simply did not work due to my size, even when I increased the dosage. However, OxyPowder worked from day one, without an increase in dosage. My system became clean and clear. After two weeks on OxyPowder, I had finally kicked my sugar-cravings, and was able to focus on losing weight, not to mention, I lost 11 lbs. the first while using the powder. I will defintely use Oxy Powder to take Care of my colon needs for now on. - Sharmaine Nelson, Decatur, GA

The Oxy-Powder is better than anything that I have ever tried! I am very glad that I found it. Because of the total cleansing effect of the intestinal system, my vitamins work noticeably better. Over the course of a year I have lost 25 pounds because of all the toxic material that has been cleaned out of my system. - Robert Watts, Houston, TX

I feel that the product works just as it was represented. I am combining it with colonics from a local health care professional. As a child, I only had one movement per week. Therefore, I have struggled with constipation since childhood. In the beginning I went to medical doctors, but to no avail. I couldn't even go to the bathroom taking 8 prescription pills per night, of which he told me to stop taking them when he found out that I still couldn't go and that he didn't have any other ideas - I was in my early 20's at that time. When I was 32, I was introduced by my chiropractor of healthy alternatives. Of which I am eternally grateful for. I am now 45 and have come a long way since then. But, I also have completely changed my diet. Two years ago I had a friend die in the hospital from a blockage in his colon, of which they cut the section out, it leaked and he became septic.

I had a colonic yesterday and she suggested that I continue taking the Oxy-Powder, therefore last night I just ordered another bottle. This particular health care professional does not use a machine - it is with a gravity fed 5 gallon bucket. I felt that I had enough problems and using a machine with pressurized water sounded dangerous, so I opted not to go that route. I guess I felt I needed to explain this to you because I found your product through another website that talked about the negative of colonics and the positives of only using Oxy Powder. From first hand experience, I feel that combining Oxy-Powder with Colonics has excellent results. My goal and my healthcare professionals' goal is for me to only have to do a colonic 2 times a year. I am to the point of only needing 1 colonic per month of which I am close to being able to do 1 colonic every other month. I gauge this with being able to have more than 1 movement per day - of which is a miracle of God from where I started. In the past 2 months, I have had 2 or more movements per day! God bless you and thank you for caring! - Juli B., Broken Arrow, OK

I purchased Oxy-powder online about 2 months ago. One week before I had been diagnosed with systemic candida, chronic fatigue syndrome and a host of food intolerances. The fourth day of Oxy-powder I suddenly had a giant improvement in the way I felt. I have recommended your product to at least 2 dozen people, 2 naturopaths and 3 health food stores. Hopefully it will become possible to buy your product locally eventually. Thanks for a great product!!! - Gay Kennedy, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

I did the 10 pills for 6 days. I then did 5 every other day for a few more days. I felt that I got a great cleansing and it was all I needed. I do take about 3 to 4 pills if I feel that I am a little clogged up at night just to help. - Jeff, Boca Raton, FL

I started using Oxy Powder and right away I saw results. I did the initial cleanse, then continued with the maintained program. I have never been as regular as I have been with this product. I would recommend this product to anyone, and have. After using this product I began to see a difference in my energy level. I also feel that the vitamins that I take are being absorbed much better after doing the cleanse. I am pleased with this product. Thank you! - Natalie, Chicago, IL

I have been plagued with bowel problems for the past nine years and even prescriptions did not alleviate my suffering. Only your product has been effective- thank you for changing my life! - Sarah Smith, Chapel Hill, NC

I've had a great experience. I have MS and I've noticed that I have a lot more energy. Also my fingernails are finally growing-for the past 8 years they peeled so much & were so weak they always broke off. I'm very happy. In fact I reordered Oxy-Powder. Thanks. - Christina Roland, Buffalo, NY

I have been on Oxy-Powder for only 5 days and I notice a significant decrease in the bloating I always have around my stomach, my face is not as puffy and I am experiencing a great amount of energy. I plan to re-order and stay on oxy-powder as long as possible. I'm going to recommend this product to my grandparents who suffer from a host of ailments due to poor diet all thier lives. Thanks for making a product that actually does everything it promises to do. - Rachel Stewart, Raleigh, NC

I have had excellent results with Oxy-Powder!! I have been recommending it to everyone and some have already ordered from you. Thanks. - Sanjay M., Arlington, VA

I love your product. I did the 7 day cleanse and now I am on a maintenance program. I never really had a problem with constipation (1x/day was my normal), but I find now that I am on the maintenance program that I go often 2x/day and my bowel movements feel more complete. During the 7 day cleanse I never really reached 3 bm's /day. I was taking 10 pills at night and the first movement in the morning was very large, then another small one by noon or so. I may do another 7 day cleanse in a couple of months. My boyfriend is now doing the cleanse, so far so good. I am an acupuncturist and now have several patients on Oxy-Powder. I have become a distributor and will probably continue to use this product the rest of my life. Thank you for your interest and for such a great support staff. - Tish McCrea, Huntington, NY

Oxy-Powder is great! It's working wonderful. It's the first time in my life i have been rid of constipation without the use of harsh and addicting laxitives. I am now on a maintenence dose and very happy with the results. - J. Durso, San Diego, CA

I recently went to the Doctor and was diagnosed with "mono" at 31 years old. It was a devastating blow. I was weak, dizzy, just really felt horrible. I tried Immune System vitamins, I tried all kinds of things. Oxy-Powder actually made me feel better. Maybe because it allowed the vitamins to really work. Thanks Oxy-Powder. I will order again. - Heather B., Mt. Vernon, Ohio

I recently started using Oxy-Powder. After the first BM I felt 100% better. I have completed 3 nights and the bloating has gone. "IT IS IN FACT A PRODUCT OF ITS WORD!!!" I too have been searching for an answer regarding my constipation and digestive problems....THANK GOD, "I FOUND THE ANSWER". And YES!, I will continue to use this product and will also use the Phos-30 in conjunction with the liver/gallbladder flush. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! - Vanessa, Atlanta, GA

I have had wonderful results from the Oxy-Powder, I will order more soon. - Lynn P., Kirkville, Iowa

Have found that it works very well and actually does what it says it does. It seems to be a great product and have recommended it to friends. I do have trouble with constipation, even though I eat plenty of veg, porridge oatgroats in morning. No breads or starches. I'm now doing the maintenance dose and finding that helpful. - Wendy M., Hamilton, New Zealand

After purchasing and using Oxy-Powder, I have been feeling much better. Not only do I have much more energy, but I have lost 10 pounds so far. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has had frequent bouts of constipation or other similar digestive problems. Thanks Oxy-Powder! - J. Shiveley, Goshen, Indiana

Bob Smith of Smith Racing shows the Oxy-Powder decal on his prize sprint car with driver Johnny on the side. For Bob, being on the road all the time does not contribute to a healthy diet. Bob has discovered the benefits of Oxy-Powder and now regularly distributes it to his staff. He says that it has been the best product he has found for relieving constipation and its symptoms without harsh side effects.


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