Oxy-Powder Frequently Asked Questions

1) Should I follow any particular diet while taking Oxy-Powder?
Yes. Try to eat a healthy live food based diet as well as increasing your water content. Try to avoid or eliminate any carbonated beverages, caffeine or alcohol. Reduce your intake of sugar, fried foods, white flour, dairy, etc. Our recommended diet is to eat fresh fruit in the morning, a salad for lunch and a light-low calorie protein containing meal for dinner.

2) Will I be able to go to work while on the Oxy-Powder cleanse?
It is best to start the rapid cleanse on a Friday evening. This way Friday, Saturday and Sunday will give you time to cleanse a lot of the intestinal compaction out of the bowel. Your bowel movements should also start to decrease after the third day. Continuing the cleanse should be manageable as long as you have a restroom nearby at work or school. If you are going to the bathroom 7 or more times a day, then you can reduce the daily dosage by two capsules and instead of 7 days on the cleanse increase the cleanse to 9 or 10 days.

3) Is Oxy-Powder a powder or does it come in capsules?
Oxy-Powder comes in capsule form.

4) How will I know when my bowels are clean?
Everybody is different according to their diet and exercise patterns as well as their age and physical emotional stress levels. What we have noticed over time in our facility is as soon as the bowels start to become semi-solid again, you are fairly clean. However, in order to ensure that you are completely clean all of the time you would have to eat only live, raw fruits and vegetables and continue to not put anything toxic into your body. This means you should drink only water and eat only raw seeds, fruits and vegetables. Because the Standard American Diet (SAD) is so poor we believe that you will continually have to clean and keep clean the whole intestinal lining. Therefore, it is hard for us to predict when you will be clean because that is dependant strictly upon your dietary habits. This is why we recommend a continued maintenance dose every other evening.

5) Will I lose weight while using Oxy-Powder?
Some people have reported weight loss from 5 to 20 pounds using Oxy-Powder. This is due to the elimination of stored, hard-compacted fecal matter throughout the whole length of the intestinal lining. Some have also stated that with a maintenance dose they feel it is easier to lose weight because of the extra oxygen they have circulating in their system. It is highly recommended to use this product before or during any weight loss program due to the fact that it will provide the body with increased absorption in the small intestine and better absorption of minerals and nutrients to help facilitate weight loss.

6) How long should I continue to take Oxy-Powder after the initial cleanse?
We recommend you continue on Oxy-Powder for the rest of your life, due to the extensive studies showing disease starts in the intestinal lining and colon. It is extremely beneficial to continue on a maintenance dosage of 5 pills every other day after the initial cleanse in order to maintain a healthy bowel. With the poor choice of foods we have today, it is a good idea to always keep the intestinal lining and colon clean. We also have a shortage of oxygen in the air we breathe, which has been declining steadily over time. This means everybody on the planet is oxygen deficient. This is why we recommend continuing Oxy-Powder to help you prevent disease and supply the body with much needed oxygen.

7) How often should I repeat the Oxy-Powder cleanse?
This depends on what your diet consists of and how you feel. If you are constipated, having headaches, overweight, experiencing mood swings, decreased energy levels, emotional stress and if you are not exercising 3x’s/weekly then I would repeat the cleanse once every 3 months. If you stay on a maintenance dose and eat healthy you should repeat the cleanse every 6 months.

8) What ingredients are in Oxy-Powder?
Oxy-Powder is a scientifically formulated product consisting of complex oxides of magnesium stabilized with ozone and oxygen at high pressure and low temperature to ensure that the oxygen attaches and remains stable to the oxide molecules. Organic Germanium 132 has been added to help facilitate oxygen delivery and transfer and to help stimulate the immune system. Oxy-Powder is designed to release oxygen slowly when activated by the Hydrochloric acid in your stomach and citric acid contained in the capsule. Oxy-Powder is safe and non-toxic. Oxy-Powder contains no calories or carbohydrates.

9) What makes Oxy-Powder different from other colon cleansers?
First of all it is a full intestinal cleanser. It is designed to clean, oxidize and reduce the amount of impaction and hard fecal matter in the small intestine, large intestine and colon. It is the only colon cleanser that provides oxygen into the bloodstream and bowel and does so in a natural and non-toxic way. The average person by the age of 40 has between 10-20 pounds of hard compacted fecal matter lodged in their intestinal tract. Our intestinal tract is 30-35 feet in length and if you cut it open and spread it out, the surface area is the size of a tennis court. In order to clean the digestive tract you must turn that solid compaction into a liquid or gas, using time-released oxygen (oxidation/reduction). This is what the Oxy-Powder will do. By using Oxy-Powder you can melt away or oxidize the compaction from the small intestine, large intestine and colon, safe and effectively. This is important because a clean intestinal tract is the beginning of obtaining optimal health. Other cleansers focus on the colon and stimulate mucous production instead of breaking down hard fecal matter.

10) Is Oxy-Powder habit forming?
No, Oxy-Powder is non-habit forming. The bowel will not become dependent on Oxy-Powder.

11) I am experiencing loose stools and am quite concerned. Is this diarrhea?
Oxy-Powder will cause watery, gaseous stools. This is not diarrhea; this is the by-product of oxidation. Remember we are turning a solid into a liquid or gas. To help the cleansing process, it is advised to drink at least one gallon of purified water daily while taking the Oxy-Powder even though there has never been a documented case of dehydration or electrolyte imbalances.

12) Am I going to be in the bathroom all day long?
For the first few days depending on your weight and how many capsules or powder you take, some people have 5 bowel movements per day and some have up to 12 bowel movements per day. Some people are very compacted and may not have a bowel movement until the 2nd or 3rd day. Each person will be different. Your diet and how much bowel impaction you have will also play a part in how many bowel movements you experience. This is all part of the cleansing process.

13) Should I be concerned with dehydration while using Oxy-Powder?
To our knowledge there has never been a case of dehydration or an electrolyte deficiency while using Oxy-Powder. We do, however, recommend drinking plenty of purified water while taking Oxy-Powder to help flush the oxidized toxins out of the bowel. It might seem like you have diarrhea but this is just the hard matter which has been reduced to a liquid form.

14) What symptoms might I experience while taking the Oxy-Powder?
Water, gaseous stools, some temporary lower bowel cramping due to the gas build-up, mild headache, maybe some temporary joint pain. All will be temporary and will resolve as soon as the toxins are expelled from the body. Once the maintenance plan is started the stools will begin to form. If you are experiencing bouts of constipation, bloating or gas then you may also be suffering from the symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome or an over-growth of yeast or non-beneficial intestinal parasites or microbes. Oxy-Powder releases monatomic oxygen. Monatomic oxygen has shown in lab tests to kill forms of fungus, yeast and bacteria. The oxidation of the compacted toxic material along with the possible die-off of harmful micro-organisms, yeast and fungus from the monatomic oxygen can be absorbed back into the blood stream through tiny holes (resulting from years of damage) in the intestinal lining. This may cause you to experience temporary cramping, draining sinuses, fatigue, skin eruptions and insomnia. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please give Oxy-Powder thirty days to help balance your intestinal system.

15) Can I use Oxy-Powder while pregnant or nursing?
Please consult with your healthcare practitioner before using Oxy-Powder during pregnancy or while nursing.


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