Dosage & Usage Information

Oxy-Powder is sold in bottles of 120 capsules.

For first time Oxy-Powder users we recommend starting with a seven day initial cleanse. After the initial cleanse, continue with a maintenance dose to keep your intestinal tract clean and to deliver oxygen into your system. While taking Oxy-Powder make sure you drink plenty of purified water during the day and try to eat a healthy diet. The exact number of capsules to take will vary depending on your weight, previous dietary habits, exercise patterns, and stress levels.

For the Seven Day Initial Oxy-Powder Cleanse

You will want to start slowly and gradually progress with the dosage. Begin with 4 capsules the first night before bed. Continue to take 2 additional capsules every night before bed until you achieve at least 3 bowel movements the following day. The dosage which will allow you to have 3-5 bowel movements per day will be your dosage for the rest of the 7-day cleanse.

For Maintenance

For your maintenance, use the same dosage from your 7-day cleanse that allowed you to have 3-5 bowel movements daily. Take this dosage every other day. It is recommended to use Oxy-Powder continually.

Dosage Guidelines
  How Much How to Determine Exact Amount
Initial Seven Day Cleanse Between 4 and 10 Pills Daily for 7 Days Start with 4 capsules and add 2 additional each day until you are having 3-6 bowel movements per day or are up to 10 pills.
Maintenance Dose Between 4 and 10 Pills Every Other Day Start with 4 capsules and add 2 every other day until you have having 3-6 bowel movements per day or are up to 10 pills every other day.

Notice: This product causes watery and gaseous stools which could cause you to feel the urge to pass gas. If you are not able to control your bowels, please be careful when using this product. We recommend that during the 7-day cleanse you have close availability to a bathroom. Oxy-Powder will cause watery, gaseous stools. This is not diarrhea; this is the by-product of oxidation. Remember we are turning a solid into a liquid or gas. To help the cleansing process, it is advised to drink at least one gallon of distilled or purified water daily while taking the Oxy-Powder.

* These statements are based upon patient results, clinical observation, and customer feedback.

The Oxy-Powder Label

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