How to Do a Liver Flush and a Gallbladder Flush

NOTE: You must prepare the body for health, just like you prepare food before you eat it. If you go to a doctor who gives you a bag full of herbs and supplements to take, he or she has not made sure that you will absorb, transport and utilize these substances correctly. This is why people go to natural medicine practitioners and do not get the results they desire. Any good practitioner will always start with a good cleansing, before prescribing you anything. Remember this when choosing your physician.

Detoxification and cellular cleansing starts with a liver, gallbladder and intestinal cleanse.

Products needed for a Liver Flush and Gallbladder Flush:

  • 1 gallon apple juice (freshly pressed organic)
  • 1 ounce Super Phos 30
  • Epsom Salts
  • Whipping cream and berries. Organic is preferred
  • Olive oil Extra Virgin high quality cold pressed organic
  • Oxy-Powder capsules
  • Protocol for the Liver / Gallbladder Flush:
  1. Add one ounce of Super Phos 30 to the gallon of organic apple juice. Shake and refrigerate. Over the next four days, drink the gallon of juice (4 / 8-ounce glasses a day) between meals for 4 days. Be sure to brush your teeth after drinking the juice to prevent the acid from damaging your teeth. Eat a low fat diet during the liver flush. For the first 4 nights only, take 6 capsules of Oxy-Powder right before bed.
  2. On the fifth day, eat a healthy breakfast at 8 am and lunch at 12 pm. It is best to do this on a Saturday or Sunday.
  3. At 2 pm, drink 2 tablespoons of Epsom Salts dissolved in warm purified water.
  4. At 5 pm drink 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salts dissolved in warm water.
  5. At 7 pm eat a dinner of heavy whipping cream and fresh berries as much as desired.
  6. At bedtime, drink 3/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil. A small amount (1/4 cup) of freshly squeezed orange, grapefruit, or lemon juice may be added if desired. Immediately after drinking the oil, go to bed and lie on your right side with knees drawn up to your stomach for 30 minutes. You may feel nauseated during the night. This is due to the release of stored toxins from the gallbladder and liver. This is normal and a sign that the protocol is working.
  7. Upon arising in the morning, carry on your daily activity. Congratulations!! You have now started to clean your liver and gallbladder.
The Super Phos 30 helps remove calcium and lipids (fats) from the arteries during the liver and gallbladder flush and normalizes cholesterol metabolism. The phosphoric acid working with the malic acid found in apple juice dissolves and softens gallstones. The magnesium in the Epsom Salts relaxes the sphincter of the gallbladder and bile ducts, allowing for the easy passage of the softened, shrunken stones. Finally, the cream and oil cause a strong contraction of the gallbladder and liver, forcing out stored wastes, bile, and stones, which easily pass into the small intestine. The Oxy-Powder will clean the intestinal tract of any blockages for easy removal of gallbladder and liver stones. These wastes and stones are then excreted.
This liver / gallbladder flush should be repeated 1x monthly for the first 3 months, then as needed.

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